Make holidays special with Rhinestone Holiday T-Shirts

Rhinestone T-Shirts are a great way to make any day better but when it comes to holidays and festivals, these tees aren’t just a brilliant outfit option; they are also a good gift idea for friends and family. Our holiday t-shirts incorporate the important elements of a specific holiday, so you can wear the shirt on the day and gift it to loved ones too. From Christmas to the Fourth of July, there is no occasion we don’t have rhinestone designs for. Don’t let any special occasion pass by without the dazzle of bejeweled t-shirts.

4th July Holiday Shirt

Saint Patrick’s Day Designs


With Saint Patrick’s Day just around the corner, these designs have become immensely sought after- so you should order yours too. Because this holiday is all about having fun and remembering this Irish Saint, our designs reflect that. We use clovers, shamrocks, top hats and beer mugs to recreate the festivity of the holiday onto our shirts. The green rhinestones are meant to follow the tradition of Saint Patrick’s Day, allowing you to wear green and look great.


Fourth of July T-Shirts


Nothing beats the sparkle of fireworks on the 4th of July. This is why our Independence Day rhinestone designs are so popular, because they capture the spirit of the holiday. From rhinestone eagles and flags to fireworks, we try to get as creative as possible. We love taking ordinary things, such as a heart and turning into a symbol of patriotism by using white, red and blue rhinestones to create it. This means no two 4th July designs are the same and you have a huge variety to choose from.


Easter Rhinestone Shirts


Kids love Easter and kids love the dazzle of rhinestones. Our Easter t-shirts range includes designs for adults and kids that feature bunnies, eggs and a whole host of other fun designs. These shirts are a great way to get kids excited about Easter and because they can be easily washed, you don’t have to worry about your child getting their shirt dirty. You can even get matching rhinestone tees for your entire family and make the holiday even more memorable.


Light up your Christmas wardrobe


We all know Christmas jumpers never go out of style- but it’s time you mix things up on Christmas with rhinestone t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies. Because the whole world seems to light up in December, we try to capture that in our designs. That’s why we use lots of different rhinestone colors to create Christmas trees, snowmen, candy cane, presents, stockings and so much more.  Especially if you live in a hotter city, these t-shirts are the perfect attire for your holiday photos.
The best part about ordering rhinestone holiday t-shirts is the amazing prices- you get to create a personalized gift for each loved one that suits their personality and will be actually useful for them without leaving a dent in your pocket. For larger orders, we offer wholesale pricing too.

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